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LOBBY CAT - Available in many versions, and highly customizable, it is designed in scrupulous ways, to get an original design, a reliable product and safe, durable and low maintenance.

Ideal for spending relaxing, safe and funny days at sea, the Lobby CAT provides the right comfort that a common boat of only 5 meters not can give you, thanks to its low immersion, it offers the opportunity to gain access to unreachable places.

Model P500 is equipped with planing hulls, powered by outboard engine, max 40 Hp, with long foot and remote control.


It is also possible to install electric motors and solar panels.



Lobby CAT - 有许多款式,高度可按要求订做,它设计周密,为本公司原创,产品安全可靠、耐用、低维护。
适合休闲放松,让您在海上度过安全、有趣的日子,诺比猫绝对是您最正确选择,它能带给你其它普通5米小船不能提供的享受 最重要的就是由于它吃水浅,所以能去很多其它船只去不了的地方。

Technical Data - 技术资料

Technical Data - 技术资料 - Lobby Boats
Lobby CAT - P500 C - P500 LC - P500 SC       
Planing Hulls 刨船体    
Technical Data 技术参数    
Lenght: 长度 Mt. 5,25
Beam: 宽度 Mt. 2,30
Height: 高度 Mt. 1,40
Draft: 吃水量 Mt. 0,20
Weight: 重量 Kg. 450
Max Passenger: 最多载人数 N. 7
Category CE: 类别“CE” RINA "C"
Engine Max:  发动机最大马力 Outboard 40 Hp

Equipment - 设备


Safety equipment 安全设备
Swimming ladder - Aluminium 游泳梯—铝的
Swimming ladder - Stainless steel  游泳梯—不锈钢的
Cockpit table 驾驶员座舱桌子
Perimeter handrail - Stainless steel 栏杆扶手—不锈钢的
Laterals gates 侧栅极
12V system + Navigation Instrument 12V系统+导航仪蓄电池
Decorations Hulls "Lobby Style" 船体装饰“诺比风格”
Fresh water shower system 淡水淋浴系统
Marine stereo system 海洋立体声音响系统
Winter Cover 冬季保护盖
Roll Bar with Bimini 平衡支架带支架
Front Mudflaps 前方挡泥垂布
Cushions Lobby Style 诺比风格靠垫
Hull color other than the Standard Color* 多种船体颜色
Shock protection laterals Hulls (Rubrail) 船体侧面冲击保护(防擦条)
Fridge (only with version 500 S and 500 SC) 电冰箱(只有L500S和L500SC上面有)
Hulls filled with closed cell foam 船体外壳封闭发泡材料
Teak Table + Teak on Cockpit  柚木桌子+柚木驾驶舱

Hard Top Full Deck - Stainless steel


Tow trolley 拖车
HULL: 船体:
Black 黑色
DECK: 甲板:
Ivory 象牙白