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 - Lobby Boats
The trademark "Lobby Boats", was founded in 2010 by a passion for the sea and navigation of its founder and long experience, matured in over 15 years.

The company, Lobby Boats, founded in 2006, operates stably in the marine industry, creating within their own structures, fiberglass product for luxury yachts such as molds, hull, deck, deckhouse, etc. .. We also have skilled workers and human resources that are routinely used at construction sites of Yachts and Megayachts present in the industrial zonal.

At the beginning of 2010 after considering the difficulties encountered in the marine industry, due to the catastrophic effects of the economic situation, we decided to put all our expertise and experience in the service of ourselves. Launching a project aimed at creating a new model of recreational boats, able to attract interest from the boating enthusiast.

Thanks to the synergy exchanged between the various components of the design team, engineers and architects, combined with solid experience of some members of the team and innovativeness of ideas and solutions made by young and capable figures, our image becomes reality.

Born LOBBY 33, a classic boat inspired by the lobster boat, boats originating in New England to fish for lobsters, revisited in the use and design, creating what the shipyards believed to be a new benchmark in the international boating industry which defines the "Italian Style Lobster Boats".
Following the launch of the Lobby 33, the shipyard behind the required specifications, from the international market, decided to extend the Lobby Style to other types of boats, both to those of higher range that to the more accessible in terms of economics and management, but without sacrificing seaworthiness, design, quality materials and attention to detail, typical of the shipyard "Lobby Boats" and guarantee the owners of highly reliable products and great charm.

继推出诺比33后 ,考虑各种国内和国际市场的需求,船厂决定把诺比风格延伸到其他类型的船只里,在经济和管理方面更具优势,但不改变适航性、设计、材料和注重细节的的准则,“诺比船艇” 承诺向买家提供高品质、安全可靠、独具魅力的产品。